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Our centres

If you’re thinking about sending your child to AEIOU and becoming part of the family, you may want to know what the centre is like, who is in charge, and how it all works. All of our centres differ, but they have three things in common:

  1. We employ an exceptional team; they are skilled in autism-specific early intervention, and they love what they do.
  2. Our program is proven to work and it is consistent across each location.
  3. Our centres are naturalistic, play-based environments. Children are nurtured and encouraged by a friendly, warm team who delight in each child's growth and development, celebrating all successes big and small right along with you.

We have 11 centres across Queensland, South Australia and the ACT. Whether the centre is purpose-built or retro-fitted, you’ll find it is customised to suit the needs of children with autism.

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