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How we can help

If your child has a new, or suspected autism diagnosis, we’re here to help. AEIOU specialises in providing individualised therapy and care to young children with autism. We also support families during the early years of a diagnosis.

Our team is warm and friendly; we specialise in helping families like yours to navigate the NDIS, so we can help you even if you’re not sure which kind of therapy you’d like to explore for your child.


Why is early intervention important?

Receiving high-quality early intervention can make an enormous difference to a child’s development, with research showing it gives the best chance of living independently later in life, securing employment and developing meaningful and lasting friendships and relationships (Howlin, 1997). 

Accessing the NDIS at AEIOU



 Why choose AEIOU? 

AEIOU is one of Australia’s leading providers of early intervention. We specialise in autism-specific therapy and care for children, and training and support for families. Each child is cared for with compassion, hands-on therapy and care and with a focus on what they can do.  If you’d like to know more about how we operate, and how we can help, read our FAQs. Or, call us on 1300 273 435. You can also express your interest in enrolment today!



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