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Why choose AEIOU?

Choosing the right service for your family is a personal choice. AEIOU Foundation offers a caring, nurturing environment for your child and your family.  At AEIOU, you'll be part of a community. Your child will receive therapy and education support with an emphasis on kindness and compassion, and you will receive the support and training you need to meet your goals at home.  AEIOU is an NDIS-approved service, and is recognised for delivering a quality service which offers good value for money.

Our service was established in 2005 by Brisbane parents, Dr James and Louise Morton after their own experience when their son Andrew was diagnosed with autism. While the service has now grown to support more than 220 children each year, it is underpinned by the same grassroots values and commitment.

AEIOU can give you:

  • A minimum of 20 hours of evidence-based early intervention each week (recommended in the 2012 Australian Good Practice Guidelines). Evidence-based means we use strategies which are proven to work through rigorous research and science.
  • Highly skilled staff who can support your child to develop a range of vital skills, including functional communication skills and independent living skills, including but not limited to toilet training. At AEIOU, the focus is on developing confidence and inclusion.
  • AEIOU employs a transdisciplinary team, comprised of Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Behaviour Therapists and Board Certified Behaviour Analysts. We also employ teachers and skilled learning facilitators. All of our team members are trained to deliver autism-specific therapy and education.
  • Individual therapy support plans to meet your child's needs and the development goals you have identified. Each child’s program has input from all therapists, as all goals and programs benefit from transdisciplinary input. All staff are trained to implement all programs with relevant therapists overseeing each program.
  • A high staff to child ratio, where children receive the support they need from a specialist team of therapists and educators. 
  • Your child will be assessed for AEIOU's specialised curriculum, but also with standardised assessments, to identify and support their progress.
  • A consistent program which is informed and guided by evidence, research and skilled professionals, including Board Certified Behaviour Analysts. This qualification is rare in Australia, as it is only available via international universities. Currently, senior analysts at AEIOU sponsor other staff members working toward this qualification.
  • Access to a long day care setting; a naturalistic, play based environment which also allows parents to access the workforce, or some respite if needed.
  • A centre-based environment, where your child is accessing a range of therapy supports in one location.
  • In this naturalistic environment, children are also supported to develop social and play skills, developing relationships with their peers and learning how to initiate play.
  • Access to free workshops and regular advice tailored to your individual needs.
  • Children are given opportunities to access the community with visits to local attractions in your area, this is always linked to learning and inclusion outcomes.
  • An affordable service. AEIOU's service is full-time and offers support from specialist therapists and educators. Most families will either experience nil out of pocket expenses, or around the same out of pocket expenses they may encounter with full-time childcare.
  • AEIOU employs an NDIS support worker who can help you with access and funding questions as you navigate the Scheme.

For more information about how we can help your family, call us and talk to our friendly team today: 1300 273 435.


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