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AEIOU provides a full-time, quality, highly individualised service that is delivered by a team of autism specialists across early intervention therapies and education, in alignment with NDIS guidelines. Because our service offers a combination of autism-specific early intervention and specialised childcare, our fees are divided into two components: childcare fees, and therapy-related fees. Similarly, there are two separate government areas that can provide funding support for each of the two portions of AEIOU fees.

Childcare fees

AEIOU provides 10 hours of long day care per day. Our childcare fees contribute towards the cost of specialised childcare (with nearly triple the number of staff at AEIOU than at a regular childcare), programming (in line with the Early Years Learning Framework), and all other childcare-related activities and administration.

There will be some out-of-pocket expenses for childcare fees as part of your child’s enrolment with AEIOU. Your out-of-pocket expenses will depend on how much childcare subsidy your family is eligible to receive (dependent on income).

Therapy fees

AEIOU is a registered NDIS provider, and therapy-related fees relate to the delivery of appropriate, effective supports in line with the NDIS Price Guide. Therapy-related fees are funded through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Under the NDIS, our service is classed as an 'intensive support'. You may have an NDIS Plan that amounts to less than is required to receive the type of supports AEIOU offers.

The NDIS can be complex, however, we have a team who helps families navigate the Scheme so that each family who needs support for a child with autism has an equal opportunity to access appropriate supports for their child’s needs. Most families will need to have their child assessed at AEIOU before we can make a clinical recommendation regarding their needs. Call our NDIS Support team on (07) 3320 7500 for advice.

Financial support

At AEIOU, we believe that cost should never be a barrier to a family accessing early intervention. We strive to ensure our service is affordable and accessible to all families. If you need financial support, you can read more about how to apply here.

Further questions

Our Enrolments Officer is also available on 1300 273 435 or by emailing to discuss all questions you may have on AEIOU's fee structure.

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