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Our Gold Coast centre enrols 30 children with autism on a full-time basis. The centre features four classrooms and a large, shaded playground. The centre also features a motor skills room, a play skills room and a parent room.

AEIOU first came to the Gold Coast in 2012, offering early intervention through a local Goodstart Early Learning Childcare centre. The bright and vibrant centre we know today opened in 2014.

The centre is a result of local community support, with Chain Reaction Bike Challenge participants cycling 1,000 kilometres over seven days in order to help raise the capital for construction. The centre fitout was aided by long-term supporters the WANTZ Committee.

Being part of the AEIOU team is finding joy. It’s incredible that we get to be part of a team where, each day, we are helping children achieve their goals and their full potential.

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