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What causes autism?

There is no single known cause for autism. Genetics are thought to have some impact, but autism may also occur spontaneously, or due to other causes.

What we do know:

  • Autism is a complex disorder and affects each individual differently.
  • Vaccinations do not cause autism.
  • There is no cure for autism.
  • Early intervention (via a program based on evidence-based practices) can make a significant difference to a child's ability to develop vital skills and reach their maximum potential.

While it is a lifelong condition, with early intervention, many children can develop the ability to communicate, learn self-help and academic skills, and improve fine and gross motor skills.

At AEIOU Foundation, studies have shown children who complete the program experience a reduction in autism symptoms. About 70% of children transition to mainstream school. Each child develops new skills and AEIOU supports every individual, moderating the program with a plan that is based on their unique needs and strengths.

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