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What next?

If you think your child has autism, or if you are concerned about how they are developing, it's important to speak to a trusted medical professional. A paediatrician or clinical psychologist can assess and diagnosis your child. You will need a referral from your General Practitioner. 

Early intervention is essential, and will give your child the best opportunity to develop the skills they need to reach their full potential.

Once you have a diagnosis, you can choose a service provider which offers your family the support your need. This is a personal choice, view this video series which includes information about early intervention and advice to help your family during this stage.

If you live in a city or region which is not yet operating under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), you will need to contact your local Autism Advisor. Funding support is available through the Helping Children with Autism package, and is applicable for children aged under six.

If you are in an area operating under the NDIS, we can help you with the process you need to register as a participant and to access a plan and funding supports. AEIOU employs a dedicated NDIS support coordinator, please phone 07 3320 7570 or send us an email.

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