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Financial support

Families caring for a child with autism can access a range of benefits and subsidies, and may also be eligible for financial assistance through avenues designed to support families experiencing financial hardship.

AEIOU can provide you with information about:

Further, your family may be eligible to apply for financial assistance through one of the following, noting this is not a comprehensive list:


Lynn Wright Memorial Fund

What you can receive

Financial support for persons attending AEIOU Foundation who are experiencing hardship that would exclude them from attending AEIOU's service.

How to qualify

All parents participating in the AEIOU program are eligible to apply, although they must demonstrate financial need.

How to apply

In writing, you can download an application via our website.



What you can receive

Grants and scholarships are available (on a case-by-case basis) to support disabled children in need.

How to qualify

It is important that children must satisfy Variety’s standard criteria of need (sick, disabled or disadvantaged) and in the application process, families must demonstrate that they would otherwise be unable to provide the requested support for their child.

How to apply

In writing to Variety:

Unit 1, 17 Alexandra Place, Murarrie, QLD 4172

Tel: 07 3907 9300
Fax: 07 3890 3177


Parents whose children attend AEIOU Foundation can access more comprehensive information about available rebates, subsidies and grants. A complete guide is available in all AEIOU Foundation centres, and our Enrolments Officer can be reached via or by phoning 1300 273 435 for more information.

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